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LABSCO Laboratory Supply Company was founded 1971 in Frankfurt/Main and moved to Friedberg/Hessen in 1974. Since then the business location is in Hanauer Str. 10.

LABSCO Laboratory Supply Company is dealing with all kinds of Laboratory Equipment. A General Catalogue is available for guidance purposes, but the real strength of LABSCO are the so-called package deals with which complete laboratory solutions are offered, supplied and serviced.

The decades of experience with such package deals as well qualifies LABSCO to participate in laboratory tenders, mostly offering for the complete range of their demand. LABSCO has numerous agents and/or exclusive and non-exclusive distributors especially in the developing countries, but usually the deliveries are being carried out directly to the end users.

For smaller projects normally the local agents/distributors are taking care of installation and after-sales service, but for larger deliveries LABSCO's own experienced service engineers are handling this job




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